The scala of dressage states a horse should move freely forward with natural movements in all gaits. ‘Relaxation’ is the next point. And it can be quite confusing. If a horse is truly relaxed, it is asleep.

You need a certain muscle tone to perform. Relaxation in de scala is working without tension. But not only the absence of tension, it is also a state Lees meer

The scala of dressage out of the window

Last time I explained the scala of dressage is the backbone riders are holding onto for centuries. As do I, when things get difficult. However, Anky van Grunsven is not too keen on it. And what she says makes sense.

The six points of the scala in the right order are: rhythm, relaxation, contact, energy, straightness and collection. Anky finds the scala too rigid Lees meer

The Scala of dressage

When you want to train a horse you should know how he learns things and what his natural reactions are. And we’ll get to that. But first I want to introduce you to the guidelines that helped horse masters for centuries.

In Dutch and German it’s called ‘the Scala of dressage’, which can be seen as a pyramid of steps you have to go through to reach the ultimate Lees meer