I need the support

People are ‘handy’, we use our hands all the time. Being on just two legs makes us wobbly, so if we lose balance, we stick out a hand or two to correct it. This is firmly lodged in our brain. So if we sit on something as wobbly as a horse, and someone gives us reins in our hands, we use them immediately to steady ourselves.

Reins are attached to a bit in the mouth. Pressure on a bit gives an unpleasant feeling. Horses react by sticking their tongues out or opening their Lees meer

Piano hands

Ever heard of piano hands? It means a rider twists his wrists in such a way, the knuckles point down.

The problem with this being that you can’t move with the horse anymore. Your lower arm is no longer a straight line with the reins to the bit. You Lees meer